Piante Gallery

Dona Blakely and Sarah Whorf

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April 1 - April 29, 2017


     May 6 - May 27

Two artists holding intense feelings about nature and the exploitation of natural resources  exhibit new work at Piante Gallery from April 1 through April 29.

Sarah Whorf, Professor, has been teaching  printmaking at HSU since 2005.
In a  show titled “Complicit”  Sarah depicts narratives of human destruction in nature caused by selfish impulses,  with little or no thought for long-term consequences.
Her work is based on the conceptual framework of collage combining one image with others using woodcuts, linocuts, an and-carved stamping material along with a variety of print techniques including lithograph, screen print , digital print and etching.
Sarah’s work in featured in Printmakers Today and she has been exhibiting professionally since 1989, participating in national and international exhibitions.

Dona Blakely returns to Piante with a new show titled “The Reveal”.
Dona’s paintings are done on linen or paper using oil, egg tempera, gold leaf and silver leaf.   She gessos, paints, cracks, and abrades the surfaces.
Dona believes that everything in the universe has a spirit and that these spiritual beings inhabit their own spherical spinning worlds.  When these worlds are revealed to her she interprets them as images, creating what she describes as a curious painting.  A painting that the viewer sees and says ‘What in the world is that?”  To her, a painting that causes the viewer to return and think about what they are looking at is a successful painting.
Dona has been a professional artist for over forty years and the encouragement of artist Brenda Tuxford and the art of Morris Graves have had a profound effect on her development as an artist.