Piante Gallery

"To me, at this point in my life it's all the same—hunting, gathering, ceremony, regalia, making art—it's all molded together."

                            --Robert Benson                                                                                            

Physical and emotional aspects of place are important in Robert Benson's work. Growing up in rural Northern California near the Trinity River's south fork had a powerful impact on the artist. Proximity to this confluence and what was the location of his ancestral village, Hleldin (the name translates to "place where rivers come together"), has been significant in Benson's aesthetic and creative development. He has internalized elements of convergence. Through his rural upbringing and tribal culture, Benson developed a keen sense of environmental interconnectedness and the naturally occurring repetition of certain geometric forms. He often uses the term "alignment" to express this universal confluence. With alignment, unexpected connections arise. One act, creative or utilitarian, has the potential to inform other acts and observations, future or past.