Piante Gallery

"The images in my photographs all become expressions of an ardent desire to journey beyond physical appearances. They have taught me, revealed their truth, unfolded their mystery, and blessed me with a sense of myself and my connection to the universe. The best have put my finger on the pulse of my soul."

                        --William Pierson

Rocky coastlines, waveforms, clouds, the night sky—these are among the elements that make up the raw material for William Pierson's compelling photographs. But the naturalistic aspect of his work is ancillary. What he captures in his photographs is something beyond the world of objects and vistas. To say he photographs nature is like saying Hopper painted houses—a true, but entirely unsatisfactory statement. Pierson employs the physical realm as a gateway to deeper, more metaphysical explorations.

Pierson travels extensively within Northern California and Hawaii, and a majority of his work uses imagery discovered in these natural environments. After more than thirty years of working with film, Pierson now utilizes a wide range of digital capture approaches including time exposures. He photographs light reflecting off familiar, natural surfaces in such a way as to transcend what we expect of everyday objects, ultimately capturing the unexpected.